What are personal mobility device (PMD)?

Personal mobility devices include electric unicycle, electric scooters, hoverboards, mini-Segways, etc that provide the user with a last mile commuting option. 

Is it legal to use PMDs in Singapore?

Use of personal mobility device is legal but limited to certain areas. 

For Singapore, Active Mobility Unit Panel has recommend the approval and regulations will be out this year. It is recommended that users keep to 15km/h on footpaths and less than 25km/h on cycling paths. They should not be used on public roads. Wearing of helmet is also encouraged. Please read this article on latest guidelines for PMDs.

Is it easy to master an electric unicycle?

Yes. With our trainers and proper guidance, most of the first timers will learn the basics within an hour.

What is the weight limit for electric unicycle?

Most electric unicycle has a weight limit of 100-120kg. However, there are also King Song's KS18 that has a maximum loading of 150kg.

What is the wait time for a back-ordered product?

Most back-ordered product takes between 4-8 weeks to be fulfilled. Feel free to reach out to us via info@thewheelies.sg or +65 96257729 to get the latest update.

Do you ship internationally?

The Wheelies is able to ship our personal mobility devices to selected countries  Drop us an email at sales@thewheelies.sg or +65 96257729 to get a quote today!

Free delivery in Singapore?

Orders over $500 entitled free delivery in Singapore when purchases were made through our Online Store.