Xiaomi Mini


  • $688.00

Introducing the Xiaomi Mini - the latest personal mobility device from Xiaomi!

Essentially a miniature Segway without handle, this compact mover replaces the handle with a central control knob for turning. Incredibly easy to master and typically take a newbie about 5 mins to get going and ride with confidence. Looking for a stylish way to get around, Xiaomi Mini is the answer for you!

Technical Specifications

Max Speed - 16km/h

Motor - 700 W (350W each)

Battery -240Wh

Weight - 12.8kg

Max Inclination - 15 Degree

Max Range - 22km

Charging Time - 4 hrs

Max Loading - 85kg

Colour - Black or White

Package Content -

  • 1 x Xiaomi Mini
  • 1 x Charger


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