King Song KS-16S

  • $1,599.00

 KS-16S has improved it's internal design. Motherboard with faster fan for better cooling. It has 2 capacitors ( 1 more than KS16 ) for better over-current protection. It equipped with a powerful 1200W motor for uphill as steep as 35 degree. It has change it LED strip with RGD effect as KS-14D to enhance it aesthetic as well. The stability of the new KING delivers at over 20km/h is unrivaled. With the trusted 840Wh battery and the new RGB LED, the KS-16S covers a distance of up to 80km on a single charge and beautiful light indicates the battery usage .

King Song once again did it. An ultimate electric unicycle that delivers quality, mileage, performance and aesthetic as well.

Technical Specifications

Max Speed 20km/h (default locked) 
Motor 1200W
Battery 840Wh
Weight 17.4kg
Wheel size 16"
Max Range ~80km
Charging Time 6.5hrs
Max Loading 150kg
Colour Silver / Matt Black

Package Content –

  • 1 x  KS-16S
  • 1 x Charger
  • 2 hr training by The Wheelies Trainers


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